Super Simple Halloween-Themed Sweet Treats

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halloween treats
Halloween was always a favorite day when you were a child, but just because you are now an adult doesn’t mean you have to give up celebrating the day in style. These Halloween-themed sweets are a great way to get into the holiday spirit.

3 Incredibly Simple Halloween-Themed Treats Everyone Will Love

Spooky Trail Mix. This is an easy-to-prepare snack that is perfect for any party. This version of the classic treat transforms it into a wonderful Halloween party dessert.

  1. Pour one box of rice cereal, a pound of mini-pretzels, 8 ounces of peanuts and 5 ounces each of black and orange M&Ms into a large bag and shake to combine.
  2. Melt two bags of white chocolate chips in the microwave.
  3. Pour the melted chips into the bag and shake to coat.
  4. Lay out on wax paper to dry and then place in an airtight container.

Biscotti Ghosts. This recipe is super simple, and it’s a great way to add some Halloween flair to a coffee break. You can let your kids get involved in decorating these ghosts.

  1. Melt a bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave.
  2. Dip homemade or store-bought biscotti into the chocolate and set aside to dry on wax paper.
  3. Melt a bag of chocolate chips in the microwave and transfer to a cake decorating bag with a small tip.
  4. Draw eyes and a mouth on each biscotti ghost.

White Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Bones. Who doesn’t love chocolate-covered pretzels, especially when they are shaped like bones? This unique recipe makes an eerie snack for adults or kids.

  1. Place a mini-marshmallow on each end of a mini-pretzel rod.
  2. Melt a bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave and dip the pretzel into the melted chocolate.
  3. Place on a tray lined with wax paper and let dry.
  4. Repeat the process to ensure that the pretzel rod and marshmallows are completely coated with chocolate.

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