Pros and Cons of Different Coffee Brewing Methods

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There used to be only one question when it came to drinking coffee: Do you take cream or sugar? But today coffee is a much more complex beverage. With so many brewing methods, it can be confusing to determine which of the those you should use and whether there is a real difference between them.

The Pros and Cons of 3 Coffee Brewing Methods

Automatic Drip Method. This is the classic coffee brewing method you probably already have at home. 

Pros: It makes decent coffee easily. It is simple to clean and inexpensive to purchase. These machines also make large volumes of coffee and some models come with timers so you can have freshly brewed coffee waiting for you when you wake up.

Cons: There is no way to customize your coffee brewing so you are unable to get the full benefit of gourmet coffee beans.

Pour Over Method. This method is similar to the Automatic Drip Method except it is not automatic. You need to heat the water and pour it over the coffee grinds yourself.

Pros: You have complete control of the temperature of the water you use, the speed you pour and how you pour. It is easy to adjust any of these factors to bring out the best in your coffee.

Cons: You need enough skill and time to make your cup of coffee correctly. The equipment for this method of brewing can be a bit expensive.  

French Press Method. This very popular European method brews your coffee like tea.

Pros: French Press coffee is easy to make and does not require any special skills. You can change water temperature, coffee amount and steep time to customize the flavor of your coffee.

Cons: Coffee made using this method may be too acidic or not as hot as you would like. It can be difficult to clean. 

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