4 Tips for Fitting Exercise Into Your Day

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Exercise PartnerWhat’s holding you back from getting in that daily workout?

Is it time? Energy? Motivation?

Whatever it is, there are ways to combat the challenges that keep you from your goals.

Let’s take a look at four top tips for helping yourself fit exercise into your day more easily. 

1. Work out in the morning, rather than at night

Sure, we’d all love to be energetic enough after work for a rigorous workout. But how often does that really happen? For most of us, morning workouts are our best bet. We’ve got the energy, and once we finish, we feel we’ve accomplished something and will probably make healthier choices throughout the day. This way, you also get your after-work time to truly relax and feel good about getting in that workout.

2. Exercise with a buddy (who will hold you accountable)

Having a friend or relative who you exercise with is a great idea when it’s hard for you to hold yourself accountable for your daily exercise appointment. Choose someone who is reliable.

3. Take an exercise class

When you shell out money for an exercise class, it’s good incentive that you’ll unstick yourself from whatever it is you’re doing and actually keep that workout appointment. In fact, often, it’s much more likely that people will go to an exercise class (even when they don’t want to) rather than make themselves exercise at home.

4. Get your workout clothes ready the day before

Often, it’s the little things that keep us from meeting our goals. Think hard about what stops you from working out sometimes. 

It may really be that you can’t find your sneakers or think your gym shorts are dirty. These little things really shouldn’t be what hold you back from exercising, so to avoid these pitfalls, consider always getting your workout clothes ready the night before you plan to exercise.

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