How to Get More Leafy Greens Into Your Diet

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leafy greensLeafy greens are an essential part of your diet, and if you're like many of the residents of our Plano, Texas apartments, you struggle to find ways to fit them into your daily diet. Have no fear! We've come up with a few tips and tricks to help make your diet a little greener.

Make Smoothies

If you're not a fan of the way leafy greens taste or feel, smoothies are an awesome option. Think of them as milkshakes for your mind and body. You can easily mask the taste of kale or spinach with fruits and yogurt, ushering in a more complete approach to your meals.

Hide Them in Sauces

Grilled chicken is delectable when you pour a secret green sauce over it. The same goes for beef, pork or tofu. You don't have to give up your proteins to add more greens; you just have to find ways to capitalize on the veggies so your body can thoroughly enjoy the entree.

Stuff Them Into Something

Chicken stuffed with spinach is fantastic. Plus, you have the opportunity to add other vegetables to your dish to ensure you get a full serving of those essential ingredients. Don't forget to eat a little fruit for dessert as that'll help seal the food pyramid's requirements.

Cash In on Quiche

Quiche is a cheater's form of hiding leafy greens, which makes it perfect if you're not one to delve into the dark green vegetables that are good for your body. Any kind of quiche works well with a little spinach or kale baked into it. The eggs and cheese will be so good, you won't even notice there's a bit of produce on your plate.

Get Creative With Salad Plates

Once upon a time, salads weren't sexy. These days, however, you can put anything into a bowl. With a bit of creativity (and maybe a little luck), you'll turn your leafy greens into entrees worthy of your own chef's station. Experiment with different types of leafy greens and varying ingredients until you find a few that really ring true to your taste buds.

A good diet starts in a great kitchen. Creekside at Legacy Apartments in Plano, TX are equipped with stainless steel kitchens, granite countertops and everything else you'll need to inspire amazing meals.

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