Simple Ways You Can Volunteer Your Time and Talents

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VolunteerWe're lucky to have some pretty cool residents who live in our Plano, TX apartment community, and we know many of them volunteer their time and talents to various organizations around town. If you've been looking for opportunities to make a difference, here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

Walk Dogs for a Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters can never have too many volunteers. They always need people to answer the phones, do the filing and clean out the cages. Of course, those little pups also need some love, affection, and exposure to fresh air. 

Walking dogs for an animal shelter will help you get your steps in each day while making man's best friend feel loved.

Offer a Helping Hand at a Food Pantry or Soup Kitchen

A lot of people put food pantries at the top of their priority lists when the holidays roll around, but the truth is, there are hungry folks all year-round. 

Food pantries and soup kitchens serve an important need by filling neighbors' bellies with sustenance. If you don't like to cook or do dishes, offer your social media skills and fundraising finesse when your favorite organizations need to get the word out about upcoming events.

Look Toward the Library

Libraries are filled to the brim with possibilities of all sorts. If you're the kind of person who lets your imagination soar, read stories to little ones. If you're adept at Microsoft Excel or Word, consider teaching a class to adults who need your help.

Not sure what kind of needs your local library might have? Ask! You'll probably be surprised at some of the skills your library is looking for from their volunteers.

Send Care Packages to Service Members

Supporting our country's service members can be done in a number of ways. You can show a member of our military that people back home care by signing up to send care packages through Adopt a U.S. Soldier. Simple things like heavy socks and peanut butter can make a deployed service member's day.

Are you ready to move into a space that'll inspire you to do great things? Creekside at Legacy's upgraded business center is the perfect place to explore volunteer opportunities around Plano. Check out all of our awesome community amenities and give us a call if you have any questions!

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