How to Make Amazing Ice Cream at Home

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It isn't too difficult to find a good, or even great, ice cream recipe. But even the best ice cream recipe is likely to turn out disappointing if you don't use the right techniques. Here are three of the most familiar problems that home ice cream makers encounter and what you can do to overcome them.

How to Eliminate Common Ice Cream Making Mistakes

  • The ice cream is too icy. The most frequent complaint people have about homemade ice cream is that it tends to have large ice crystals. This happens when a batch of ice cream isn't frozen quickly enough to prevent the ice crystals from growing. It may sound counterintuitive, but a colder temperature means less ice in your scoops. The solution is to make your ice cream maker's bowl as cold as possible by keeping it in the freezer for at least 24 hours prior to making your ice cream. Also, make sure that your ice cream base is thoroughly chilled before you start churning. 
  • Your chocolate chips have a strange texture. If you have ever experienced gritty or rock-hard chocolate chips in otherwise perfect homemade ice cream, you know it is disappointing. The reason behind this ice cream tragedy is simple: Regular chocolate is not meant to be eaten frozen. You can significantly improve your ice cream by avoiding large chunks of chocolate and instead use a cheese grater to add small flakes of chocolate. You may also consider drizzling in chocolate while the ice cream is churning to create chocolate ribbons. 
  • The quality of the ice cream quickly deteriorates. Your ice cream is perfect the day you make it, but within a few days, it looks like something you don't want anywhere near your mouth. It becomes gloppy and gummy because, unlike commercial ice cream, homemade ice cream is not full of chemicals that help it to remain stable. So, how can you avoid this problem? Well, it is the most enticing solution — eat the ice cream within a day or two of making it!

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