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Apple-Inspired Adults-Only Ciders

Apples are all around us at our Plano, TX apartments. From interesting entrees to fabulous centerpieces, apples have crowned fall their favorite season. With this in mind, we were inspired to find some adult beverages that integrate apples into the recipes. Enjoy! 1. Apple & Gin Autumn Cocktail If gin is your drink of choice,…

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How to Conquer Your Fast-Food Cravings With Homemade Healthy Food

We get it—sometimes you just need to experience the crunch that comes from fast-food chicken tenders or the juicy drip of a burger you know you shouldn't be eating. It happens to the best of the residents who live in our Plano, TX apartments. Fortunately, there are better ways to eat while satisfying those insatiable cravings! 1. Whole-Wheat…

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Great One-Pan Meals for Easy Dinners

What’s the worst part about cooking? Cleaning up, hands down. Folks in Plano know that it’s hard enough to get a quality, satisfying meal on the table. But then when it’s done, the cleanup takes forever! Our favorite solution to the cleanup dilemma? One-pan dinners! Limit your mess by cooking all ingredients together on a…

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